$7.2 million verdict tells two families story

I’m here to listen and tell your stories. I know that in the midst of tragedy everything can seem uncertain and I understand money never replaces a loved one. But just compensation eases some of the financial burden you were not meant to carry.

Clear messages were sent with the $7.2 million verdict for the Proudfoot and Croft estates after a gas explosion killed two people. First, human life is valuable. And secondly, natural gas companies need to train their employees to understand the gravity of the work they do – when they activate gas in a home they’re dealing with life and death.

The Proudfoot and Croft families story was told and the truth of their loved one’s tragic deaths were heard. To learn more, see the Repository’s coverage of the trial: http://www.cantonrep.com/article/20140716/NEWS/140719515/?Start=1

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